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There are different types of partners who can help get your books and audiobooks on Apple Books:

Aggregators format, deliver, and manage books or audiobooks. If you don't know how to create digital books or if you need production help with an audiobook, work with an aggregator. They may also offer sales reports, marketing, and operational help. If you sell any content, we pay the aggregator directly and the aggregator pays you.

Conversion houses specialize in converting books into files for Apple Books. If you prefer to manage your own books and account, but don't know how to create books in the EPUB format, work with a conversion house. If you sell any books, we pay you directly.

NamePartner TypeCustomer Support LanguagesBook TypesEbook ProductionAudiobook ProductionDigital Narration
AmnetConversion HouseEnglishEbookEbook Production
AptaraConversion HouseEnglishEbookEbook Production
BookwireAggregatorEnglish, German, Portuguese, Russian, SpanishEbook, AudiobookEbook ProductionAudiobook Production
De MarqueAggregatorEnglish, French, SpanishEbook, AudiobookEbook ProductionAudiobook Production
Draft2DigitalAggregatorEnglishEbookEbook ProductionDigital Narration
Findaway VoicesAggregatorEnglishAudiobookAudiobook Production
Flipside Digital ContentConversion HouseEnglishEbookEbook Production
Geethik TechnologiesConversion HouseEnglishEbookEbook Production
Independent Publishers GroupAggregatorEnglishEbookEbook Production
Ingram: CoreSourceAggregatorEnglishAudiobookDigital Narration
Ink itAggregator, Conversion HouseEnglish, SpanishEbookEbook Production
InnodataConversion HouseEnglishEbookEbook Production
KontorAggregatorEnglish, GermanAudiobook
LanternAggregatorEnglishAudiobookAudiobook Production
MPS LimitedConversion HouseEnglish, French, German, SpanishEbookEbook Production
Nord CompoConversion HouseEnglish, FrenchEbookEbook Production
OTOBANKAggregatorJapaneseAudiobookAudiobook Production
PubCoderConversion HouseEnglish, ItalianEbookEbook Production
PublishDrive AggregatorEnglish, HungarianEbook, AudiobookEbook Production
Y'znetConversion HouseJapaneseEbookEbook Production
ZebralutionAggregatorEnglish, GermanAudiobookAudiobook Production

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