Account Setup

Opt in to email notifications

Users can opt in to receive email notifications for events that happen in various areas of iTunes Connect. Users with the Admin role can edit the notifications for other users.

We strongly recommend opting in to all notifications that are relevant to your role.

The following notifications are available:

  • Book Status: Receive an email when a book you’ve submitted first becomes available on Apple Books.
  • Agreements: Receive an email with agreement status updates, such as agreement expiration warnings, or if more information is needed.
  • Payments: Receive an email if payments to your bank are returned.
  • Financial Reports: Receive an email if financial reports are available to download.
  • Content: Receive an email if a book you’ve submitted receives a ticket during review, or if you haven’t submitted your book’s assets such as the book file or a sample, 14, 7, and 2 days before the release date.