Manage Your Book

How to use catalog reports

Catalog reports are a valuable tool to help ensure that things are going smoothly with your books, before and after they are published on Apple Books. They provide a quick and easy way to check the status of your books, verify series information you provided, see if assets are missing for pre-orders, and get a list of any tickets that need to be addressed. Reports can be requested once per day and are available for 30 days. The file you download is a tab-delimited .txt file.

Types of catalog reports

There are four types of catalog reports:

  • Book includes the Apple ID, ISBN, Vendor ID, metadata, release date, and store status for all books that have been delivered into your account.
  • Book Pre-Order includes details of pre-order books, such as the release date and the assets required in order for the complete book to release.
  • Book Pricing includes countries, clearances, and pricing information for all books delivered into the account.
  • Ticket includes details of tickets that have been issued on your books such as the ticket status and reason.

How to request a catalog report

  1. In My Books, click Catalog Reports, on the top right side of the page.
  2. Click Request New Reports.
  3. Select the report you want to generate and click Request New Reports.
  4. When the report is ready, we send you an email. Alternatively, go back to Catalog Reports in My Books and click the Available for download link.