Publish Your Book

Set up a book for pre-order

Pre-orders are a fantastic way to get readers excited about your upcoming book. Plus, you can start building sales before you’ve even finished writing.

Pre-order overview

Your book will automatically be available for pre-order if you enter a future release date in iTunes Connect. Or, you can enter a custom pre-order date. The pre-order date can be set up to a maximum of 365 days before the release date.

During the pre-order period, you only need to provide metadata and pricing information. You can add assets when they’re ready. Never send incomplete or placeholder files.

You must provide the final book file before the release date. We recommend submitting it at least 10 business days before you want it to be available on Apple Books.

You can opt-in to emails reminding you to submit assets 14, 7, and 2 days before the release date. Learn more about managing notifications in Users and Roles.

If your book will not be ready in time, or if you finish your book earlier than expected, you can update the release date in iTunes Connect.

Note: A book that is offered for free cannot be made available for pre-order. Your free book will be offered on Apple Books on the scheduled release date. You can update the release date or pricing for the book in My Books on iTunes Connect.

If you’re using promo codes to market your book, and you provide your book files with your pre-order submission, customers are able to download the book after it’s been approved by the Book Review team — even if it’s before the official release date. Learn more about promo codes.

How to set up a pre-order on the Apple Books Publishing Portal

Set up a pre-order the Apple Books Publishing Portal:

  1. Click “Sign in to iTunes Connect.”
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password, and click Continue.
  3. Choose the seller name under which you want to publish your book.
  4. Click “Set up a Pre-Order.”
  5. Assets are optional at this stage but you can add any you have ready.
  6. Enter all the appropriate information, including book title, author name, and description.
  7. Click “Submit Book to iTunes Connect.”
  8. Go to My Books in iTunes Connect.
  9. Select your book. Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your book to appear in iTunes Connect.
  10. Click Rights and Pricing.
  11. Add or edit countries, regions, and pricing.
  12. If you enter a future release date, the book will automatically become available for pre-order. Otherwise, you can choose a custom pre-order date.
  13. Select countries or regions where you want your book to be live and Save.

How to update a pre-order

Any updates to pre-order start dates or price tiers should be made in iTunes Connect.

  1. Find your book in My Books in iTunes Connect.
  2. On the book detail page, click Rights and Pricing.
  3. Click Edit Countries/Regions and Pricing.
  4. Enter the new pre-order start date or price changes in the appropriate fields. Remember, the pre-order start date must be at least two days before the release date.
  5. Select the countries and regions where the pre-order updates should be available, or click Select All.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Review your changes and click Confirm.

How to opt out of pre-orders

If you’re not interested in making your book available for pre-order, you can deselect “Cleared for Sale” in iTunes Connect. Just remember to update your clearances in iTunes Connect before your release date.