Introducing Apple Subject Category and Updates to iBooks Asset Guide.

February 25, 2016

Apple Subject Category
The Apple subject category is directly correlated to the genre that shows on the store and is now available in iTunes Producer 3.1.1. Choose Apple as the primary category from the Subject Category drop-down menu in iTunes Producer to ensure your book appears where you want it on the store.

Remember, you must choose at least one primary subject category when submitting your book.

Updates to the iBooks Asset Guide
iBooks Asset Guide 5.2.4 includes the following updates:

  • Orientation and Binding Properties for Fixed Layout Books. The properties used to lock a Fixed Layout book’s orientation or give it a book-like appearance (i.e. spine, page curl, etc.) have been removed.
  • Gaiji Images. To ensure that the images you use for Gaiji characters appear optimally across all themes, such as Sepia or Night, make sure the images have transparent backgrounds.
  • Embedded Audio and Video Dimensions. To avoid layout issues, do not set an explicit height on audio or video elements. iBooks will ensure that video and audio fit on a page, no matter the screen size.

Read the latest version of the iBooks Asset Guide.

Notify Readers of Updates to Your Book
If you are submitting an updated book file, don’t forget to add a brief description of what has changed in the "What’s New in This Version" field of iTunes Producer. This will ensure that customers who have previously purchased your book know what to expect when they download the updated file. Keep in mind what you write in the "What’s New in This Version" field will be visible on your book’s store page.

You will be required to include this brief description if you’re submitting an updated book created with iBooks Author, and the updated file will not go live until the "What’s New" description has been submitted to iBooks.

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