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April 12, 2017

FAQ Updates

We updated the FAQs to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Find answers to frequently asked questions now.

New Subject Category: Thema

Thema is a new global subject classification system for books and Thema (version 1.2) is now supported by iBooks. Find more information on how to deliver Thema categories in the iBooks Store Book Package Specification.

Fiscal Calendar Correction

The 2017 fiscal calendar published in Payments and Financial Reports in February contained an error. We corrected the issue, and the revised calendar is available in Payments and Financial Reports.

“RSC-007” Upload Error

If you submit an EPUB to iBooks and encounter an upload error that contains “RSC-007” in the message, it means a resource (such as an HTML file, an image, video, or other files) is missing within the EPUB or a link is not properly pointing to the intended resource.

To fix this error, make sure all resources referenced within the EPUB are included and that links properly point to the correct resource.


We will now change the status of open tickets issued on books that are no longer cleared for sale to No Action Needed. If you later decide you want to distribute the book on iBooks, you must address the ticket located at the top of the book page in My Books, clear the book for sale, and resubmit.

Common Ticket Reason

One of the common reasons why a ticket is issued is due to references to competing websites in the book. Click here to learn more. To fix this issue, remove reference to any competing websites from the metadata (such as the description) and book before resubmitting the book.

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