Tips for updating your book using iTunes Producer.

July 1, 2016

You can make changes to your book's metadata, book file, cover, or screenshots even after they've been submitted to iBooks. Just make sure you have the Vendor ID or Apple ID of your original book submission on hand, and follow these steps:

  1. Open and sign in to iTunes Producer.
  2. Enter the book's Vendor ID or Apple ID in the "Search iTunes Connect" field.
  3. Hit Return to open the previously delivered package in iTunes Producer.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the metadata (i.e. Description, Title, etc.), or drag and drop updated files in the designated areas. Cover art and screenshots go in the Details pane, and updated book files go in the Files pane.
  5. Save and click Submit to send your changes.

Note that updates — except to rights and pricing — will be reviewed before they are reflected on iBooks.

For additional information, see the FAQ on Updates to Submitted Books.

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