Update to Book Package Specification.

April 14, 2016

The iBooks Store Book Package Specification has been updated to include the following:

  • Series Identifier. iBooks assigns every series a unique Apple ID. If you do not know the series’ Apple ID, you can do a metadata lookup after delivering the metadata. Look for the <apple_id> tag within the <series> block. To avoid ambiguity in subsequent updates, use the <apple_id> tag instead of, or in addition to, the series title.
  • Contributor Localizations. You can now provide localized names of a book’s contributors in each language or territory where the book is sold.
  • Content Update Behavior. A new appendix describes the process behind updating content and includes definitions, descriptions of content review statuses, and a table listing the tags that may require a ticket in certain circumstances.

See what's new in the updated iBooks Store Book Package Specification.

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