Best Practices for Pre-Orders, Cover Art, and Linking to your Book.

August 31, 2015

Linking to Your Book
We’ve introduced an additional way to get the link to your book on iBooks. Simply search for your book in My Books on iTunes Connect, and you’ll see the Store Link field in the Summary section. Right-click on the link and copy it to use in marketing materials, and all of your other communications, for example on Twitter or Facebook.

You can also use Link Maker to find the link to your book, or even to other content types, such as apps, music, and movies.

Links are only available for books that are available on iBooks. If your book is not on iBooks, you won’t see a link in the Store Link field and you won’t be able to use Link Maker.

Edit Pre-Order Start Date on iTunes Connect
Build up excitement around your new book by allowing readers to pre-order it up to 12 months before the release. Pre-orders can make a big difference to your book’s release day, so it pays off to plan ahead. Just enter a pre-order start date when you deliver your book and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you need to update your book’s pre-order start date after you submitted it, you can now do so directly on iTunes Connect.

To edit the pre-order start date for only one territory:

  1. Go to My Books on iTunes Connect and choose your book
  2. Click Rights and Pricing
  3. Click on the territory
  4. Enter the start date in the Pre-Order Start Date field
  5. Click Save

To edit the pre-order start date for more than one territory:

  1. Go to My Books on iTunes Connect and choose your book
  2. Click Rights and Pricing
  3. Click Edit Territories and Pricing
  4. Enter the start date in the Pre-Order Start Date field
  5. Select the territories where you want to change the pre-order start date
  6. Click Continue
  7. Review the information and, if everything is correct, click Confirm

Keep in mind that you need to submit all final files at least 10 business days before your sales start date. This gives us enough time to review your book, so it’ll be available to your readers as planned.

Best Practices for Cover Art
To get your book on iBooks without delays, make sure that your book’s cover art follows these best practices:

  • Pricing. Remove any reference to pricing, such as "Free," "Low Price," "Available for $9.99," or "For Promo Use."
  • Setup Shots. If your book is a "boxed set" or "omnibus" edition, don’t use a setup shot of the physical product or a 3D representation of the book.
  • Quality. The cover art must not be blurry, pixelated, or have other quality issues.
  • Accuracy. The information on the cover art should be spelled correctly and match the information entered in iTunes Producer and in the book file.
  • Misleading. Remove references to physical content or content that is not included, such as "CD," "Poster," or "Audiobook."

Make sure that your cover art size is at least 1400 pixels on the shorter side.

Also keep in mind that book covers are sometimes displayed at small sizes. So, when you design your cover art, use larger text and images that capture your customer’s attention and are recognizable even when they’re small. To learn more, see the Cover Art section in the iBooks Store Formatting Guidelines.

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