Why are App Store product page views are lower than App Units?

You may see more App Units than product page views if customers downloaded your app without visiting your app’s product page on the App Store. For example, if a customer searches for your app in the App Store and downloads it directly from the search results, we count an App Unit and Impression, but not a product page view. For more details on App Analytics, see the the analytics and reporting overview in App Store Connect Help.

Why do I sometimes see an error that there isn’t enough data?

To protect customer privacy, we only show data in App Analytics after a certain number of data points are available.

Why am I seeing more crashes than sessions?

We don't record sessions unless they are longer than 2 seconds. So, it's possible that the app crashes right when users open it, which is a crash without a session.

Where does campaign and website data for Apple TV come from if web searches are not available on Apple TV?

Metrics for Apple TV are tracked by the user's Apple ID, which means that data for web searches on any Apple device, including iPhone or iPad, will be displayed in App Analytics. If a user comes across a campaign or website on their phone that led them to your app, and they also downloaded that app on Apple TV, that purchase will be tied to that campaign or website. For more information, see Measuring campaign performance in App Store Connect Help.

How do I view sales for individual in-app purchases?

You can view sales for individual in-app purchases by filtering by purchasable item. Data for the purchasable item dimension is available starting December 4th, 2017. For more information, see View app analytics in App Store Connect Help.