What is App Analytics?

App Analytics lets you measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization for your iOS and tvOS apps. You can:

  • View key metrics, such as Impressions, Sales, and Installations.
  • Discover how users are finding your app.
  • Track and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • View user retention for your app over time.
  • Filter metrics by purchase date, territory, source type, and more.

To start using App Analytics, you must have the Admin, Finance, or Sales role in App Store Connect. You can access App Analytics by signing in to your App Store Connect account. For more information, see the Analytics and reporting overview in App Store Connect Help.

Why can't I see my app in App Analytics?

An app needs to have at least one approved version to display in App Analytics. Deleted apps won't display in the apps list.

Why do I see different data in Search Ads Reports than in App Analytics?

App Analytics and Search Ads Reports are used for different purposes and therefore capture metrics differently. While you may see metrics with the same labels (such as Impressions) in App Analytics and in Search Ads Reports, these metrics and attribution windows are not defined in the same way, resulting in different data. Comparing data from these two tools is not recommended.

App Analytics lets you measure user engagement and monetization of your iOS and tvOS apps, as well as track the impact of marketing campaigns based on custom campaign links. Search Ads Reports helps you understand the performance of your Search Ads campaigns on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. For more details on App Analytics, see the analytics and reporting overview in App Store Connect Help. For details on Search Ads Reports, see Understanding reports.