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I updated my app information. Why isn't it displaying in some App Store territories?

When you update your app's metadata, it can take up to 24 hours to appear on the App Store.

How will the company name field display on the App Store?

If you enrolled in the Apple Developer Program as an organization, you may also set a customer-facing seller name, or “company name” different from your legal entity name if that seller name is a registered trade name or DBA. For example, if your legal entity name is “Apps Company LLC” or Apps Corporation” your trade name may simply be “Apps”. This displays as “seller” on the App Store and is used for navigation and to group your apps. You can set this in the company name field only when adding an app to your account the first time.

If you're enrolled as an individual, this option is not available to you and the seller name is the same as your legal name.

How can I view and respond to customer reviews on the App Store?

You can view all customer ratings and reviews from the App Store directly in App Store Connect. For iOS, macOS, and watchOS apps, you can also respond to customer reviews. For more information, see Ratings and reviews overview in App Store Connect Help.

What is the trade representative contact information for the App Store in South Korea?

If your Apple Developer Program is enrolled as a organization (not an individual), and you distribute your apps for download in South Korea, you can provide trade representative contact information to display on the Korean App Store in compliance with Korean e-commerce regulations. The trade representative is someone within the company who has the authority to represent the company, such as the CEO, Representative Director, or other responsible officer within the company. If you are based in the South Korea, the contact information includes your e-commerce and business registration numbers. See App Store Connect Help for more information.

How is my app searchable on the App Store?

Your app is searchable by app name, app subtitle, keywords, and your company name. Your app name, app subtitle, and keywords are set by you during your app metadata setup and can be edited when you submit an app update or when your app has an editable app status. Learn more about discovery on the App Store.

How can I add or edit keywords for my app information?

You can edit your keywords as long as your app has an editable app status. To edit keywords, find your app in My Apps and go to the Keywords field for each platform version. If you have localizations, you need to update keywords for each localization that you've added. Words in the Keywords field must be comma-separated and you can only enter up to 100 characters. Keyword terms must be related to your app content and can't contain offensive terms. Don't include other app names as keywords.

How are app bundles displayed in App Store charts?

App bundles are included in the same charts as individual apps, with each app bundle purchase counting as a single sale, regardless of how many apps are included in that bundle.

Why isn't my localized app information displaying in a specific language on the App Store?

If you would like to see a specific localization for your app on the App Store, you may need to change your language on your device. Learn more.

What currency is used for a given App Store Territory?

You can refer to Exhibit C of your Paid Developer Agreement to see the currency used by a specific App Store territory.