Where can I add my bank account information so I can receive payments?

Add information about the bank account where you'd like to receive payments in Agreements, Tax, and Banking. Learn more from the FAQ and the video tutorial that you'll find in Resources and Help.

How do I add or edit a bank account?

To receive payments from Apple, you need to enter electronic banking information in the banking section of Agreements, Tax, and Banking. See Enter banking information in App Store Connect Help for more information.

What banking information am I required to provide?

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Bank Country
  • Bank code
  • Bank Account Number
  • Account Holder Number
  • Account Holder Type
  • Bank Account Type
  • Bank Account Currency

For more information, see Enter banking information in App Store Connect Help.

Can I receive payments to multiple banks?

No, you may only have one bank selected to receive payments.

What do I do if I see a message on App Store Connect that I'm missing bank account information?

If you see a message requesting additional information, go to Agreements, Tax, and Banking and complete your bank account information.

Why am I getting a "Please enter a valid bank account number" error message?

Some bank account numbers have leading zeros. Be sure to include all leading zeroes when entering your banking information on App Store Connect.

Your bank account number and your IBAN are two separate numbers. Don't enter your IBAN into the bank account number field.

Why can't I view my bank account information?

Only App Store Connect users with the Admin or Finance role can see bank account information. If you have the correct user role in Users and Roles, make sure that there isn’t system maintenance taking place on App Store Connect. System maintenance typically lasts about 5 hours. If it still doesn’t work after that, let us know.