Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

Where can I find information about setting up auto-renewable subscriptions in App Store Connect?

Learn about setting up auto-renewable subscriptions in the Workflow for configuring in-app purchases section of App Store Connect Help. Find information on creating subscription groups, managing pricing for new and existing subscribers, and more.

Am I required to have levels in my subscription group?

No, you are not required to differentiate your subscriptions into levels. You can offer a single subscription in-app purchase without using levels or you can offer multiple subscriptions and assign them all to the same level within a group.

Can I create free subscriptions?

No, you won't be able to create new free subscriptions, but if you previously created free subscriptions, they will remain active. You may still offer free trials for paid subscriptions.

What happens to my current subscribers if I change the price of my auto-renewable subscription?

If you decrease the price of your auto-renewable subscription, existing subscriptions will automatically renew at the lower price.

If you choose to raise the price of your auto-renewable subscription you can either raise the price for all customers or preserve pricing for existing customers. If you increase the price of your subscription while keeping existing subscribers at their current price, subscribers will be charged their usual price at renewal.

Following the launch of iOS 10, if you increase the price of a subscription without preserving the current price, Apple will notify existing subscribers of the following:

  • Their current subscription price
  • The new higher price
  • The date they will be charged the new price

Subscribers will have the option to agree to the higher price, or view other subscription options in the group. If they do not agree to the higher price before their next renewal date, their subscription will not automatically renew.

When will I earn 85% of my auto-renewable subscription’s price?

After a subscriber completes one year of paid service of your auto-renewable subscription, you automatically receive 85% of the subscription price, minus applicable taxes, on the subscriber’s subsequent renewals. Service level changes within a subscription group do not interrupt days of paid service.

The ability to earn 85% takes effect in June 2016 for subscription renewals occurring after that date. iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS apps are eligible.

How is a subscriber's days of paid service defined?

A subscriber's days of paid service is defined as the number of days the subscriber has an active paid subscription, excluding free trials, marketing opt-in bonus periods and grace periods. Service level changes within a subscription group do not interrupt days of paid service.

If a subscriber cancels their subscription, a 60-day grace period begins. If the customer resubscribes to any product within the same subscription group during the grace period, days of paid service resumes from the most recent cancellation date.

For example, if the customer has accumulated 90 days of paid service, then cancels, then resubscribes 45 days later, their days of paid service resumes at 91 days. If the customer resubscribes more than 60 days later, their days of paid service resets to zero upon renewal. You then receive 70% of the subscription price, minus applicable taxes, on subsequent renewals until the subscriber accumulates a year of paid service.

The grace period applies to each of a subscriber's cancellations. If a customer cancels and resubscribes to a subscription multiple times, a new 60-day grace period will be associated with each cancellation.

How will changes to foreign exchange rates and tax adjustments affect auto-renewable subscription pricing?

Apple will not make price adjustments on your auto-renewable subscription products. Retail price changes initiated by Apple due to tax changes and significant foreign exchange rate movements will exclude auto-renewable subscriptions. For any value-added tax (VAT) rate changes, your proceeds and Apple’s commission will be calculated after the deduction of VAT, which means that your proceeds will change. You can choose to pass any changes caused by taxation or foreign exchange onto your subscribers by adjusting the price for your subscription. Keep in mind that all price increases require customer consent.

How do I discontinue my auto-renewable subscription?

Your customers expect your content to be available throughout their subscription and you’re also required by your agreement to provide that content. If you have to discontinue an auto-renewable subscription to prevent new users from subscribing, see Remove an auto-renewable subscription from sale.

If you remove an auto-renewable subscription from sale, your customers will be notified about the discontinued subscription. Even if you have to discontinue a subscription, you are contractually obligated to fulfill the content delivery to your customers for the entire duration of their subscription period.

If your app does not function without the discontinued auto-renewable subscription, remove your app from the App Store.

Also, let us know about your decision to discontinue your subscription.

What is introductory pricing and who is eligible to offer it?

Introductory pricing allows you to provide new customers with a discounted introductory price or free trial for a limited time. iOS, tvOS, and macOS apps that offer auto-renewable subscriptions are eligible to offer introductory pricing. 

How do I set up an introductory price?

Introductory pricing can be set up and managed for each subscription on your in-app purchase in App Store Connect. You can have one current and one future introductory price per territory.

If I raise my standard subscription price and choose not to preserve pricing, what happens to customers that are in an introductory price period?

If you choose not to preserve pricing when raising the standard subscription price, then the customer will convert from an introductory price to a standard price at the original subscription price that was displayed when they bought your subscription. The customer will need to consent on the next billing cycle in order to auto-renew at the higher price.