What is an in-app purchase?

An in-app purchase is an offering that your customers can purchase from within your free or paid app. To offer an in-app purchase, the binary for your app must support the in-app purchase option. Learn more.

What do the different in-app purchase statuses mean?

The in-app purchase status indicates whether your in-app purchase is available or if it needs your attention. In-app purchase products have statuses such as "Ready to Submit" or "Approved" or a status indicator. The status tells you immediately whether your product needs attention. For a full list, see In-app purchase statuses.

What are the metadata requirements for my in-app purchase?

The full list of metadata and assets that you will need to provide for your in-app purchase can be found under In-app purchase information in App Store Connect Help.

Which in-app purchase information can be edited?

You can edit the reference name, price tier, Cleared for Sale status, language display, languages, and screenshots for an in-app purchase. Product ID and in-app purchase type cannot be edited once your in-app purchase has been created. For details, see In-app purchase information.

Can I delete an in-app purchase?

You can delete an in-app purchase on App Store Connect as long as its status is not In Review.

Before you delete the in-app purchase, you must make sure that your app does not contain any code related to that specific in-app purchase. If you no longer wish to offer an in-app purchase, you will need to remove the in-app purchase from sale by deselecting the Cleared for Sale checkbox. If you delete an in-app purchase, you may receive customer complaints as the in-app purchase coded into older versions of your app may not work as intended.

Deleted in-app purchases will not be searchable on App Store Connect, cannot be restored, and the product ID cannot be reused for any other in-app purchase.

How do I add my in-app purchases to promote on my App Store product page?

You can promote up to 20 in-app purchases, including subscriptions, on your app's product page on the App Store for iOS 11.

To get started, upload promotional images for the in-app purchases you’d like to promote, as described in Add a promotional image and submit for review.

Next, you can use the App Store Promotions tool in App Store Connect to manage their order and visibility on the App Store. Learn more.

Transactions for promoted in-app purchases rely on a delegate method in SKPaymentTransactionObserver that handles purchases on the App Store. Your app will need to support the delegate method for your promoted in-app purchases to display on your product page.

Can I promote in-app purchases for specific territories?

No, in-app purchases can’t be promoted for specific territories. They will display on your App Store product page on devices running iOS 11 or later in all App Store territories where your app is available.