Game Center

How do I enable my app for Game Center?

To participate in Game Center, you must agree to the most recent Developer Program License Agreement.

Your app must also include the Game Kit capability within the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities array in the binary. For more information about using Game Kit to include this capability, see the Game Kit Programming Guide in the iOS Developer Library.

To enable Game Center, go to My Apps, find your app, and then go to your app's Game Center section to enable it. The latest version of your app must have Game Center enabled when you submit your app version and the Game Center metadata for review. See the Game Center Configuration Guide for App Store Connect for more information.

What Game Center metadata can be edited?

Game Center metadata cannot be edited while the status of your leaderboard, achievement, or Game Center-enabled binary is In Review.

The following items cannot be edited after you submit the binary:

  • Leaderboard ID
  • Achievement ID
  • Leaderboard Sort Order

The following items can only be edited prior to the binary being Approved, or if the status is Developer Rejected or Rejected:

  • Leaderboard Score Format Type
  • Achievement Points

The following items can be edited when the the status of your first Game Center-enabled binary is Approved:

  • Leaderboard Score Format
  • Leaderboard Score Format Suffix
  • Leaderboard Score Range
  • Leaderboard Reference Name
  • Default Leaderboard Setting
  • Achievement Reference Name
  • Achievement Hidden
  • Achievement Image
  • Achievement Title
  • Achievement Pre-Earned Description
  • Achievement Earned Description
  • Achievement Version Compatibility

For more information about editing Game Center features, see Appendix A in the Game Center Configuration Guide for App Store Connect.

Why doesn't the single leaderboard ranking match the ranking in the combined leaderboard?

If you make a single leaderboard part of a combined leaderboard, the existing score data will remain on the single leaderboard, but it will not be carried over to the combined leaderboard. Only new scores will be available on the combined leaderboard.

If you remove a single leaderboard from a combined leaderboard, no scores on the combined leaderboard will be removed. However, new scores from the single leaderboard will not be posted to the combined leaderboard.