About Sales and Trends

What can I see in Sales and Trends?

Sales and Trends provides next-day sales and unit data so that you can measure the performance of your free or paid iOS, tvOS, and macOS apps, as well as any associated in-app purchases. You can quickly view units, proceeds, sales, and pre-orders, view sales activity for auto-renewable subscriptions, and access and add customized filters.

Data in Sales and Trends is recorded when a customer initiates a transaction on the App Store. For more information, see the Sales and Trends Guide.

Why do I see higher or lower sales for certain periods of time?

It's very common for sales to rise and fall over time, which will show up as periods of high volumes and low volumes in your downloads.

We can't comment on specific reasons why your download volumes might change over time or on other changes in customer behavior including redownloads, purchases, or refunds.

Why can’t I see sales for a particular item?

That item may not be available on the store. Make sure you've accepted the latest agreements in Agreements, Tax, and Banking. If you've accepted the latest agreement, check the Pricing and Availability section and the status for your item on App Store Connect.

Why do I see sales for in-app purchases in territories in which my app is not available?

While apps are only available for sale in the territories you specify, In-App Purchases are available in all territories. This allows customers to continue using apps they own, for example, after they move to a different territory. Customers can only make In-App Purchases if they already own that app.

Will I still have access to Sales and Trends information after I transfer my app?

Yes, you will continue to have access to Sales and Trends information for sales of your app that occurred prior to the transfer. The recipient of the transferred app will only receive app sales information that occurred after the transfer. Learn more about transferring your app in App Store Connect Help.

Why am I seeing more updates than total downloaded units in Sales and Trends?

Your total downloaded units are based on unique users. Updates are counted on every device on which they are installed, even when the device shares the same Apple ID. If you release frequent updates of your app, you may see significantly more updates than total downloads.