Why don't my Sales and Trends reports match up with reports from Payments and Financial Reports?

Sales and Trends provides next-day sales and unit data so that you can measure the performance of your free or paid iOS, tvOS, and macOS apps, as well as any associated in-app purchases. Data in Sales and Trends is recorded when a customer initiates a transaction on the App Store.

Payments and Financial Reports provides information on final payments made to you based on closed transactions and finalized proceeds using the Apple fiscal calendar. Financial reports only include paid transactions where we are able to collect payment from the customer (see Schedule 2 of your Developer Agreement).

You may see differences between Sales and Trends reports and Payments and Financial Reports due to the following reasons:

  • Processing status. Transactions may take time to process and close. Transactions initiated in a particular month and shown in Sales and Trends may not be reflected in Payments and Financial Reports until the payment is processed and the customer gets the receipt, which may be in the following fiscal month. Further, transactions where we are never able to collect payment will not be shown in financial reports.
  • Exchange rate. Sales and Trends estimates the USD amount of sales and proceeds based on a rolling average of the previous month's exchange rates. Final payments in Payments and Financial Reports are based on the exchange rate used to convert each report currency to the currency of your bank account. For more information about this exchange rate, see Getting Paid in the Payments and Financial Reports Guide.

Why do some transactions show zero proceeds, even though my app isn't free?

Your reports include downloads of app updates. Updates are always free and these transactions will show Product Type Identifier 7. App sales will show Product Type Identifier 1 and can either be free (no proceeds) or paid. If your app isn't intended to be free but you see zero-proceeds transactions with Product Type Identifier 1, update the price of the app in My Apps.

Why am I seeing refunds for an amount that is less than the customer price?

Customers that paid for subscriptions may get a pro-rated or partial refund to factor in the content they’ve already received.

How do I manage chart annotations in my Sales and Trends dashboard?

To turn chart annotations on or off:

  1. From the App Store Connect homepage, click Sales and Trends.
  2. On the left side, click Units, Proceeds, Sales, or Pre-Orders.
  3. On the right side of the chart, click Area.
  4. From the pop-up menu under Chart Annotations, select or de-select the events you would like to be displayed.