Using TestFlight

What is TestFlight?

TestFlight Beta Testing allows you to distribute your beta builds to up to 25 trusted internal users or up to 10,000 external testers per app before you make it available on the App Store. Testers use the TestFlight app to install beta builds on their iOS devices, allowing you to collect feedback on the features and functionality of your app. For an overview of the feature, see TestFlight Beta Testing.

What is the difference between a tester who is an App Store Connect user and an external tester?

App Store Connect Users must have the Admin, Technical, App Manager, Developer, or Marketer user role to beta test an app internally. After you upload a build with Xcode or Application Loader, all internal testers that you add will be able to access active (testable) builds.

External testers can be anyone you've added to a group or who has access to a public invitation link. Before your external testers can begin testing, your uploaded beta builds must be approved by Beta App Review.

How can I add and invite testers?

You can add testers once you’ve uploaded at least one build to App Store Connect.

To add up to 25 internal testers (your App Store Connect users) to test your app using TestFlight, see Add internal testers in App Store Connect Help.

To invite up to 10,000 external testers (persons outside your organization), see Invite external testers in App Store Connect Help.

How do I know if a tester is testing my app?

TestFlight in App Store Connect displays the Sessions and Crashes for each tester. For additional details, see View tester information.

Do I need to get approval to start testing beta builds?

To make your beta builds available to App Store Connect users, your app doesn’t need review by Beta App Review.

To make your beta builds available to external testers, your app may require approval by Beta App Review.

How do I appeal if my beta build was rejected?

To appeal your beta build being rejected, contact Beta App Review.