Getting Started

Learn App Store Connect basics to add, test, submit, and manage your apps on the App Store.

App Store Connect Help

How to add, submit, manage, and view reporting for your apps on the App Store with App Store Connect.

App Store Business and Marketing Insights

Best practices and guidelines for App Store marketing.

App Preparation, Delivery, and Automation

Deliver your app using Xcode, Application Loader, or XML.

Xcode Help

Use Xcode to build apps. Xcode provides tools to manage your entire development workflow, from creating your app to testing, optimizing, and uploading to App Store Connect.

App Metadata Specification

Prepare app localizations, product information, in-app purchases, and Game Center metadata for apps delivered using Transporter.

Using Application Loader

Application Loader is integrated into Xcode and can be used to upload your app information and binary to the App Store.

Application Loader 3.7 no longer supports in-app purchase delivery. To use Application Loader 3.6 for in-app purchases, see Using Application Loader 3.6.

Transporter User Guide

Use Transporter, a command-line tool, to upload apps using XML. Transporter integrates with content management systems to deliver app metadata in bulk.

Reporter User Guide

Use Reporter, a command-line tool, to download Sales and Trends reports and Payments and Financial reports.

App Store Connect API

Use the App Store Connect API to build custom workflows as part of your app development life cycle and automate actions you take in App Store Connect.

Promotional Artwork

Get requirements for artwork file delivery, artwork policies, Photoshop templates, and tools to export and preview layered images.

App Store Promotional Artwork Guidelines

Create and submit promotional artwork to the App Store if you are selected to be featured.

Parallax Previewer User Guide

Preview layered images for Apple TV with Parallax Previewer.