Server notifications and enhanced receipts for subscriptions.

You can now receive server notifications from the App Store about key events for auto-renewable subscriptions by setting up a Subscription Status URL in iTunes Connect. In addition, all receipts containing auto-renewable subscriptions now include real-time information about the status of the customer's subscription. You can use this information to engage customers and improve retention by displaying messages in your app to promote a different service level or content offering, or to encourage customers to resubscribe.

The following new fields are included in the JSON response when you validate your receipts with the App Store:

  • Subscription Auto-Renew Status: Indicates if a customer's subscription will renew at the end of the current subscription period. Use this to encourage customers to subscribe to a different service before their current subscription lapses.
  • Subscription Auto-Renew Preference: The Product ID of the next renewal. Use this to promote a different service level before the current subscription period ends.
  • Subscription Price Consent Status: Indicates if the customer has agreed to the price increase. Use this to keep up to date with customer consent after a price increase.
  • Subscription Retry Flag: If the customer's subscription does not renew because the App Store was unable to complete the transaction, this value will reflect whether or not the App Store is still trying to renew the subscription.
  • Subscription Expiration Intent: The reason for the subscription expiration, for example, if a customer canceled their subscription or did not agree to a price increase. Use this value to decide whether to display appropriate messaging in your app for customers to resubscribe.
  • Cancellation Reason: For transactions canceled by Apple customer support, this field indicates whether a customer canceled their transaction due to an actual or perceived issue within your app, or for another reason.

To learn how to set up the Subscription Status URL in iTunes Connect, see iTunes Connect Developer Help. Learn more about these features by watching the Advanced StoreKit session from WWDC 2017.