Promote your in-app purchases on the new App Store.

You can promote up to 20 in-app purchases, including subscriptions, on your app's product page on the new App Store for iOS. These in-app purchases can appear in search results and may also be featured by the App Store editorial team. Prepare now so your product page is ready for customers once submissions are accepted for apps built with the iOS 11 SDK.

To get started, upload promotional images for the in-app purchases you’d like to promote, as described in Add a promotional image and submit your in-app purchase for review. This image represents your in-app purchase on your App Store product page in all App Store territories where your app is available, and is accompanied by the in-app purchase display name and description. Promoted in-app purchases must follow new character limits: display names can be up to 30 characters long and descriptions can be up to 45 characters long.

Next, you can use the App Store Promotions tool in iTunes Connect to manage their order and visibility on the App Store. Learn more.

During the iOS 11 beta period, in-app purchases you’ve selected to promote will display on the new App Store without the ability to buy. Transactions for promoted in-app purchases rely on a new delegate method in SKPaymentTransactionObserver. Your app will need to support the new delegate method for your promoted in-app purchases to display on your product page once submissions are accepted for apps built with the iOS 11 SDK. Learn more.