App Store requirements now in effect.

Starting today, names for new apps and updates must be 30 characters or fewer. You can use the new subtitle field to support your app’s name with additional information.

App descriptions can only be changed when submitting an app update. You can use the new promotional text field to share promotions, upcoming features, or other events within your app at any time.

For details, see Making the most of your product page on the all-new App Store.

In-app purchases promoted on the App Store on iOS 11 require the new StoreKit delegate method within the SKPaymentTransactionObserver protocol, which handles App Store purchases. If you selected in-app purchases to promote on the App Store during the iOS 11 beta period, they will no longer show on the App Store until you implement this method, rebuild your app with the GM version of Xcode 9, and submit for review. For details, see Promoting Your In-App Purchases.