New subscriptions data and reports are now available.

You can now view data about your auto-renewable subscriptions in Sales and Trends, which we will update with additional data and metrics over time to help you manage your subscriptions business.

The new Subscriptions page makes it easy to view key metrics, including:

  • The total number of active subscriptions, subscription units, and subscription sales.
  • Subscriber activities, including new subscriptions, free trial conversions, cancellations, and refunds.
  • Monthly trends in retention and free trial conversion rates.
  • The percentage of subscriptions that are still active by start week.
  • The number of active subscriptions by proceeds rate.
  • A ranking of top subscriptions.

Two new daily reports provide additional information.

  • Subscription Report. View total number of active subscriptions, free trials, and marketing opt-ins.
  • Subscription Event Report. View information about subscriber activity including upgrades, renewals, and free trial conversions.

Manually download these reports in Sales and Trends or automatically download them with the command-line tool, Reporter. You must have the Admin, Finance, or Sales with Reports role to download reports.

For more information, see the Sales and Trends Guide and FAQs.