Sales and Trends updates.

We've made some updates to Sales reports to now show redownloads, and information on the device used. Additionally, there are some changes to Product Type Identifiers to support tvOS.

The new device column shows where your app was purchased, updated, or redownloaded. Values include Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Desktop.

The supported platforms column denotes which platforms your app supports. Values include iOS, tvOS, or iOS and tvOS.

We also added redownloads to your reports. These are indicated by new Product Type Identifiers:

  • 3: Redownload of iPhone-only, or iOS and tvOS app (excluding iPad-only)
  • 3F: Redownload of Universal app (excluding tvOS)
  • 3T: Redownload of iPad-only app
  • F3: Redownload of Mac app

For more information, see the iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide.