General Information

What does Apple do with the contact information I entered in Agreements, Tax, and Banking?

Apple collects contact information for users in the following categories: Senior Management, Finance, Technical, Legal, and Marketing. Apple Books may contact specific users regarding promotional opportunities or issues affecting their area of interest.

How can I confirm that I completed my agreement?

Verify the Action column in Agreements, Tax, and Banking to see if there’s any more information we need. You must set up contact, bank, and tax information to complete your agreement and receive payments directly from Apple.

I don't want to offer books on Apple Books. How do I deactivate my iTunes Connect account?

Your account can be terminated after your agreement has been in effect for at least one year from the effective date listed in Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

You will no longer be able to submit or manage books, manage your account, access sales or financial reports, receive Apple Books news and announcements, distribute books on Apple Books, and more.
Before terminating your account, download any sales, financial, or catalog reports from iTunes Connect for your own records and remove clearances for your books.

To terminate your account, submit a request. Be sure you provide 30 days notice and note whether you intend to use your Apple ID on another iTunes Connect account.