When/how will I receive financial reports?

Financial reports are distributed once a month and are available for download exclusively through Payments and Financial Reports on iTunes Connect. Financial reports are generally available for a given month by the end of the following month.

What days do my Financial Reports cover?

To see the days included in a monthly financial report, access Apple's fiscal calendar from within Payments and Financial Reports.

Which countries do my Financial Reports cover?

To view the countries covered by each report, hover over the respective region.

What calendar are Payments and Financial Reports based on?

Payments and Financial Reports use the Apple Fiscal Calendar.

How can I reconcile my financial reports to my payments?

Go to the Payments page in Payments and Financial Reports to reconcile financial report earnings to payment amounts. The reconciliation includes the following:

  • Beginning Balance: Any amounts unpaid (or returned) and carried over from prior periods.
  • Earned: Amounts earned in a given period which agrees to the financial report on the Earnings page.
  • Withholding Tax: Amounts withheld by Apple and remitted to tax authorities in accordance with government requirements specific to the territory.
  • Input Tax: Amounts added to your payment to meet your tax requirements in certain countries.
  • Adjustments: Typically not applicable.
  • FX Rate: The exchange rate applied to the amount owed, to convert the payment to the currency of your bank account.
  • Payment: All converted payment amounts are consolidated and paid to you by Apple's bank as a single payment. The amount paid by Apple is presented as the sum of the converted amounts by financial report currency.

Why doesn't the payment presented match the amount received in my bank account?

The amount paid on the Payments tab represents the amount our bank has sent to your bank. Payments can be subject to bank fees and transaction costs charged to you by your bank or intermediate financial institutions, reducing the amount when presented on your bank account. Payments indicated as wire transfers would generally be subject to bank fees and transaction costs.

Why am I not receiving Financial Report Notifications?

Confirm the following:

  • A financial report is available for your account.
  • Your email address is correct in Users and Roles.
  • You’re opted in to financial notifications.
  • do-not-reply@apple.com isn’t being blocked by a spam filter.

When confirmed, if you still aren't receiving Financial Report notifications, contact us and we can investigate.