Submit Updates

Can I make updates to the book while it's in review?

Yes. Any changes made will overwrite what was previously submitted and restart the review process.

How do I update metadata for a book that is already on Apple Books?

You can quickly and easily update some metadata in iTunes Connect. Learn more in the Apple Books Publisher User Guide.

How do I update my book’s series information?

First, check to see if the series was approved. If you see “Other Books in This Series” at the bottom of the book’s product page on Apple Books, the series was approved.

Series was approved: Contact us to request an update to the book’s series information. 
Series not yet approved: Open the book package in iTunes Producer, update the series information in the Details pane, save the changes and click Submit.

After a book is made available on Apple Books, how do I update the cover art or book file?

To update your assets, you need to submit the updates through the tool originally used to deliver the content. Learn more in the Apple Books Publisher User Guide.

What is book versioning?

Similar to apps, you can submit a new version of your book (an updated book file), and customers who purchased your book will automatically be notified if the book is in their Library. Customers will see the release notes you included in the metadata, informing them of what’s new in the updated book file. 

Additional information regarding versioning can be found in the Apple Books Asset Guide.

If I submit a new version of my book, will customers who purchased the book have to buy the new version?

No. Customers who previously purchased your book can download the new version on Apple Books. The new version will overwrite the previous book in their library.

I submitted a new version of my book, but I want to revert to the previous version. Is that possible?

No. After you submit a new version of your book, you cannot revert to the previous version on Apple Books. If you need to make corrections, you must submit a new version.