What do I need to add in the Details pane and what do they mean?

After you create a new book package in iTunes Producer, add the following information in the Details pane:

  • Title: Title of the book.
  • Subtitle (Optional): Subtitle of the book.
  • Series: The series name, if the book was published as part of a series. *
  • Number: The order in which the book displays in the series, if the book was published as part of a series (such as “.5” if the book needs to be ordered before Book 1, or “1” if it is Book 1).
  • Display Text: The series information, if the book was published as part of a series (such as Prequel, Novella, or Book 1)
  • Author: The author name.
  • Description: The book’s description.
  • Subject Category: The book’s category (such as Apple, BIC, BISAC, NUR, or Themes CLIL) and subcategory that describes the general content of the book.
  • Interest Age (In Years): Intended audience for your book.
  • Publisher: Name of the publisher that released the book.
  • Original Publication Date: The original publication date. This is not the release date.
  • Book Language: The language in which the book was written.
  • Print Length: Total number of pages in the book.
  • Vendor ID: A unique and permanent number to identify this book. If this book has an ISBN, the Vendor ID can match the ISBN.
  • ISBN: The book’s International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

  • Make sure you always use the exact same series name. A minor difference in the series name (such as adding “The” or “Series”) will not link the book to other books in the series.

My book has multiple authors. How do I add each author or contributor?

To the right of Author, you will see two lines. In the first line, add the name as First Name Last Name (such as “Lewis Carroll” or “The Historical Society of Sonoma County”). In the following line, enter the same name as Last Name, First Name (such as “Carroll, Lewis” or “Historical Society of Sonoma County, The”).

If you want to add additional author or contributor names, add each name individually by clicking the plus button for each name.

What are the different contributor roles I can assign to my books?

It is required that you assign an author for each book, but other contributor roles are optional and can include “Created by,” "Edited by," “From an idea by,” “Illustrated by,” “Preface by,” “Afterward by,” “Foreword by,” “Retold by,” “Maps by,” and “Translated by.”

Can I bold or italicize text in the book description?

Yes. When you enter a description in iTunes Producer, use Rich Text Format (RTF) to format your text instead of HTML tags. For example, use the Command-B keyboard shortcut to make highlighted text appear in bold. Or, copy and paste pre-formatted text into the description.

The text in my book description on Apple Books contains some strange symbols and characters. Why?

If you copy and paste or enter text that is not UTF-8 encoded, you may see incorrect symbols in your book description on Apple Books. Some examples include smart or "curly" quotes, some accented letters, and common punctuation symbols that are also used in XML code.

What is “Contains Explicit Content” used for?

If your book contains sexually explicit content, set this field to Yes in iTunes Producer. iOS 6 and later allows parents to restrict access to books with explicit content. This means that customers with the restriction enabled will not be able to download books that contain sexually explicit content. Additionally, customers will not be able to see the book’s cover art or read the book’s description.

If you need this changed, let us know.

What is the purpose of an ISBN?

The purpose of the ISBN is to establish and identify one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition, allowing for more efficient marketing of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers, and distributors.

The print version of my book already has an ISBN. Can I use it for the version of my book that I'm submitting to Apple Books?

No. Print versions and digital versions of the same book must have different ISBNs.

Does it cost anything to get an ISBN?

Yes, there are charges associated with getting an ISBN. See your ISBN provider for more details. In the U.S., you can obtain an ISBN by visiting In all other areas, visit

My book was published many years ago and was assigned a 10-digit ISBN. Does it need to be converted to an ISBN-13?

Yes, all ISBNs must be converted to the new 13-digit format. You can convert it yourself at

Do I have to provide the What’s New in This Version and version number when submitting a new book version?

If your book was created with iBooks Author, you are required to enter a new version number and provide text in the What’s New in This Version field on the Details pane in the latest version of iTunes Producer. If you submitted an EPUB 3 file and it included a version number, new versions of that book must also include a new version number and What’s New text.

If your book is an EPUB 2 file and previous version of the book included What’s New text, you are required to fill out the What’s New in This Version field before you can submit a new version of your book. Version numbers are not supported in EPUB 2 files.

What are screenshots used for? Are there any rules to what types of images I can use as screenshots?

Screenshots are intended for readers to see how the inside of the book looks like before downloading the sample or purchasing the book. Screenshots must accurately represent the book and must be of pages that are actually in the book. Screenshots are one of the most powerful marketing tools available, particularly for books with lots of visual content, such as Multi-Touch books

The book will be issued a ticket if screenshots are not of pages in the book. Additionally, you should not use the cover art as a screenshot. Note that once screenshots are delivered, they can be replaced but you cannot remove screenshots altogether.

How do I take screenshots and are there size requirements?

Screenshots should be taken in portrait or landscape orientation on iPad. You can remove the status bars from screenshots. Note screenshots will not be accepted if they were taken on iPad Pro or other iOS devices (such as iPhone).

To learn how to take a screenshot on your iPad, click here.

If screenshots are not taken on iPad, they must be delivered in JPG or PNG format, in RGB color space, and have one of the following pixel dimensions:

  • 1024 x 768
  • 1024 x 748
  • 768 x 1024
  • 768 x 1004
  • 2048 x 1536
  • 2048 x 1496
  • 1536 x 2048
  • 1536 x 2008
  • 2048 x 2732 (for hi-res portrait)
  • 2732 x 2048 (for hi-res landscape)

You will encounter upload errors if you attempt to submit screenshots for your book and they do not meet the requirements above.

How do I submit screenshots?

Screenshots for books on Apple Books are optional. You should include screenshots in your initial book submission but can be added at a later date by searching the book package in iTunes Producer and resubmitting the book. Note that once screenshots have been submitted, they can be replaced but cannot be removed altogether.