General Information

What can I do on iTunes Connect?

Depending on the role assigned to your Apple ID, you may have access to the following:

  • My Books: Edit metadata, adjust release dates, edit territory and pricing information, request promo codes, and request and download catalog reports.
  • Sales and Trends: View and download your sales reports.
  • Payments and Financial Reports: View and download your financial reports.
  • Users and Roles: View users on your account and opt in or out of various email notifications. Admins can add users, assign roles, and remove users.
  • Agreements, Tax, and Banking: Set up or view your contact, tax, and banking information. Request the latest agreement, and review and accept the latest terms as they become available.
  • Tickets: Manage and monitor tickets that were issued against your books.
  • Resources and Help: Find video tutorials, guides, tools, commonly asked questions, and contact our support team.

I use iTunes Connect for other content types (such as apps, music, TV shows, or movies). Can I use the same Apple ID for Books?

Yes. Your Apple ID can be added to multiple iTunes Connect accounts. This allows you to sign in and switch easily between providers.

What is the difference between iTunes Producer and iTunes Connect?

iTunes Producer is a delivery tool available on Mac computers with OS X 10.10 or later. Use it to:

iTunes Connect is a web portal used to manage your account, banking information, users, and agreements. Use it to:

What kind of email notifications do I have access to?

  • Book Statuses: Receive an email if a book you’ve submitted becomes available on Apple Books.
  • Agreements: Receive an email with agreement status updates (for example, agreement expiration warnings) or if more agreement information is needed.
  • Payments: Receive an email if payments to your bank are returned.
  • Financial Reports: Receive an email if financial reports are available to download.
  • Content: Receive an email if a book you’ve submitted receives a ticket during review, or if you haven't submitted your book's assets (like cover art or a sample) 14, 7, and 2 days before the release date.