My Books

I clicked My Books from the iTunes Connect homepage. Why don’t I see all of my books?

After you click My Books on iTunes Connect, you will see the Recent Activity section. This section displays the ten most recently submitted or updated books. You can search for any book that was submitted to your account in the Search section below. 

To view a list of all books that were submitted to your account, request a Books Catalog Report from the Catalog Report section of My Books.

Has my book been reviewed?

You can find the review status in the Summary section of the Book Details page in My Books. Hover over the status if you need more details. The review statuses are:

  • Waiting for Review: The book is pending review. No further action is required from you at this time.
  • Reviewed: The book passed review. 
  • Not Applicable: This book does not need to be reviewed.

What are catalog reports?

Catalog reports are a fantastic resource and a valuable tool to help ensure that things are going smoothly with your books. For more information, see the Apple Books Publisher User Guide.