When are tickets issued against books?

Tickets are issued if your book doesn’t follow our Formatting Guidelines. You can sign up to receive emails when a ticket is issued on any of your books within Users and Roles.

My book was issued a ticket. Now what?

If your book was issued a ticket, please address the issue as soon as possible so your book can be available on Apple Books.

If you believe that a book was ticketed by mistake, you can leave a clarification note within the Reply section of the ticket. If you have any questions about tickets or how to address a ticket, feel free to contact us.

After the ticket and book have been approved, your book will be visible on Apple Books within 24 hours.

Additional information can be found within the Apple Books Publisher User Guide.

My book has been available for sale on Apple Books. Why was it recently issued a ticket?

A book can be ticketed at anytime. Generally if a book was previously available on Apple Books and then ticketed, it’s in response to a customer complaint, or formatting issues were discovered. The sooner the issue is addressed, the sooner the book will be back on Apple Books.