October 2019

Holiday delivery schedule is now available.
If you plan on releasing a book on Apple Books between November 2019 and January 2020, review our holiday delivery deadlines.

August 2019

Updated Apple Books URLs
Make it easy for your readers to find and purchase your book by creating links that take your fans directly to Apple Books. 

April 2019

iTunes Connect for iOS.
iTunes Connect for iOS is no longer available. 

January 2019

Payment processing changes for NZD and AUD currencies.
As of February 1, 2019, all payments into bank accounts in New Zealand and Australia will be wire transfers.
Thema 1.3.
Thema 1.3 is now supported by Apple Books.
New BISAC Subject Headings.
The 2018 Edition BISAC Subject Headings are now supported.

December 2018

The Affiliate Program and Audiobooks.
Join the Affiliate Program and leverage unique ways for your website or marketing communications to link to millions of books, audiobooks, songs, movies, TV shows, and more—while earning commissions on qualifying sales.
Audiobooks on Apple Books.
Partners with audiobook content can now distribute their audiobooks to Apple Books.  

November 2018

Agreements, Tax, and Banking Updates.
We've made some improvements to Agreements, Tax, and Banking in iTunes Connect.  
Publish Your Book with Pages.
With the latest Pages update, you can publish your book directly to Apple Books from Pages on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or online at iCloud.com. 

October 2018

Apple Books on iOS 12.
We are thrilled to introduce the all new Apple Books on iOS 12.  
Winter Holiday Schedule is now available.
If you plan on releasing a book on Apple Books between November 2018 and January 2019, check our winter delivery deadlines.  

May 2018

New BISAC Subject Headings.
You can now use BISAC Subject Headings, 2017 Edition in iTunes Producer and iTunes Connect.

April 2018

Phone Support for Australia.
Australian book providers can now get phone support during local Australian business hours.

March 2018

Single report for all currencies now available in Payments and Financial Reports.
You can now download one financial report that shows all currencies in which your books are sold.

September 2017

Winter delivery deadlines.
If you plan to release new books on iBooks in December 2017 and January 2018, check these delivery deadlines.

August 2017

New servers for content delivery.
If you deliver content from behind a firewall, you may need to add or modify firewall rules to allow outbound and return connections for the IP addresses and ports.

July 2017

Token required to access Reporter.
Starting August 10, 2017, you will no longer be able to sign in to Reporter with your Apple ID password or app-specific passwords. To continue using Reporter, generate a unique access token.

June 2017

Changes to Reporter sign in.
You can now access Reporter by generating a unique access token instead of using your Apple ID password.
New Review Statuses
We've added new review statuses to help you track your book's status after you submit.
New Local Currencies
We've switched to local currencies in some countries. Make sure you have the latest terms in Agreements, Tax, and Banking.
New BISAC Subject Headings
You can now use BISAC Subject Headings, 2016 Edition in iTunes Producer and iTunes Connect.
Sales, Trends, and Payments Update
We've renamed "Top Content" to "Sales" and published a fiscal calendar correction.
Common Ticket Reason
Avoid delays to your book's approval by removing placeholder text and images from the book file.
iBooks Tip: Distribute free review codes
With each book you deliver, you have 250 free promo codes you can distribute.
New Version of Transporter
The new version of Transporter contains new IP addresses and updated system requirements.

April 2017

Updates and announcements for FAQs, subject categories, and tickets.
We've made updates to our FAQs, introduced a new subject category, and have reminders on how to manage your books on iBooks.
iBooks Tip: Offer a sneak peek of the book during the pre-order period.
You can give readers a sneak peek of your book while it is available for pre-order on iBooks.
Scheduled maintenance on April 22, 2017.
Starting at 7:00 a.m., some services will be unavailable for up to eight hours.

December 2016

New features for iBooks StoryTime, EPUBCheck 4.0.1, and Transporter 1.9.2.
iBooks StoryTime is bringing the Read Aloud experience to Apple TV, while EPUBCheck and Transporter have new updates and enhancements.

November 2016

The Autoingestion tool will no longer be available after December 6, 2016.
Starting December 6, 2016, the Autoingestion tool will no longer be available. Download Reporter, the command-line tool introduced last fall, to automate your report downloads.

October 2016

Adjusted delivery deadlines.
To prepare for the winter season, we’re adjusting our deadlines for book deliveries. If you plan on releasing new books on iBooks in December 2016 and January 2017, check the updated delivery deadlines.

September 2016

iBooks Author 2.5 is now available.
With iBooks Author 2.5, we've introduced new interactive EPUB book templates, support for publishing using an Apple ID with two-factor authentication, improved workflows and improvements to performance and stability.
GST change in New Zealand.
Due to a change of tax laws in New Zealand, a goods and services tax (GST) rate of 15% will be introduced on October 1, 2016 for books purchased on the iBooks Store by New Zealand consumers. Accept the latest books agreement to continue to offer your books in New Zealand past September 30, 2016.

August 2016

Get started with Reporter.
Download your Sales and Trends reports and your Payments and Financial reports using Reporter, a command-line tool introduced last fall. We recommend switching to Reporter, as the Autoingestion tool will no longer be available at the end of November 2016.

July 2016

Tips for updating your book using iTunes Producer.
We put together some tips on how to make changes to your books using iTunes Producer. Update book metadata, asset files, cover art or screenshots, even after they've been submitted to iBooks.

June 2016

iBooks VAT Change in Greece.
On June 1, 2016, value-added tax (VAT) rate for electronic books in Greece increased from 23% to 24%. Because publisher proceeds are calculated after deducting VAT, your proceeds for books sold on the Greece iBooks Store will also change accordingly.

April 2016

BISAC 2015 support.
You can now use the 2015 edition of the BISAC Subject Headings to categorize your books on iBooks. To reach the audience you have in mind, choose the most specific primary subject category that best fits your book.
Update to Book Package Specification.
The iBooks Store Book Package Specification has been updated to include series identifiers, contributor localizations, and an appendix on content update behavior.
Updated processing times for Sales and Trends.
We’re changing the way we process sales data for Asia-Pacific countries to help you get your data sooner. Now, transactions made in the territories listed will be available the next day, as opposed to two days.

March 2016

New Store Currency filter in Sales and Trends.
Now you can view your sales and proceeds in the currency by which your book was purchased using the new Store Currency filter. Once you’ve chosen the currency, you will only see sales that were made in the selected currency.

February 2016

Introducing the new Payments and Financial Reports.
Payments and Financial Reports on iTunes Connect has been redesigned to make it easier to view and download your monthly financial data. We’ve consolidated all the data to a single page, and you can now download several financial reports at once.
Introducing Apple Subject Category and Updates to iBooks Asset Guide.
The Apple subject category is now available in iTunes Producer 3.1.1, and directly correlates to the genre that displays on iBooks. We’ve also updated the iBooks Asset Guide to now include support for Gaiji Images and more.
iTunes Producer 3.1.1 is now available.
Read about new features and enhancements available in iTunes Producer 3.1.1 which include multi-provider support, revised interest age ranges, new and updated subject categories, and improved performance.

December 2015

Support for making your books accessible and setting up promotional pricing and codes.
We’ve put together some tips on making your books accessible, and setting up promotional pricing in advance. Use promotional codes to make your books available to key readers leading up to, and following launch.

November 2015

Publisher Support Holiday Schedule.
Contact the iBooks Publisher Support Team if you have any questions or need support. However, note the changes in availability during and around the listed dates, as well as adjusted deadlines for book deliveries.
Additional security features for your Apple ID on iTunes Connect.
You can now use two-step verification or two-factor authentication with your Apple ID on iTunes Connect. Take advantage of these security features to prevent anyone from accessing or using your Apple ID, even if they know your password.
Adjusted book delivery deadlines.
To prepare for the winter season, we’re adjusting our deadlines for book deliveries. If you plan on releasing new books on iBooks in December 2015 and January 2016, check the following delivery deadlines.

October 2015

Update to iBooks on iOS and Mac and iBooks Author.
iBooks on iOS and Mac has been updated to allow readers to choose a new reading mode called Gray. Additionally, with the latest version of iBooks Author, we have improved the import function for Pages and Microsoft Word documents.

August 2015

Best Practices for Pre-Orders, Cover Art, and Linking to your Book.
We’ve introduced an additional way to get the link to your book on iBooks. Simply search for your book in My Books on iTunes Connect, and you’ll see the Store Link field in the Summary section. We’ve also put together some instructions for editing pre-order start date and cover art.
Introducing the new Resources and Help.
We’ve completely redesigned Resources and Help. Now, it’s even easier to find answers to your questions and stay up-to-date. Search for answers across all of our online guides, FAQ, news, and video tutorials.