Tracking Movie Status

How do I check my content status to stay on schedule for my sales start date?

You can check the status of your movies or iTunes Extras in My Movies.

Check the Component Status or Preview Status panes on your movie's page to verify your QC (quality control) status. If no status is listed, your movie may still be processing.

Where can I find the QC status for my film?

To find the QC status for your film, use the Component Status and Preview Status buttons on Film detail page. QC status will display once the component has completed encoding.

Will I be notified when a Digital Copy has been delivered to iTunes Connect?

Delivery notifications are sent to the iTunes Connect user who submitted the Digital Copy request form. If you and/or others would also like to receive the notifications, create an iTunes Connect user with a group email address and use this account to submit the Digital Copy requests. Then, when content is delivered, notifications will be sent to the group email address.