Using iTunes Connect

How do I find a film on iTunes Connect?

To find a movie on iTunes Connect, go to My Movies and search for a movie by title, Vendor ID, Apple ID, or QC status.

How do I obtain reports listing my content on iTunes?

Click on the Catalog Reports section from your iTunes Connect home page. Select the type of report you wish to receive. When the report has been processed and is available to download from iTunes Connect, you will be notified via email. You are only allowed to request one catalog report of each type per 24 hours for your content provider. The reports you request will remain available on iTunes Connect for 30 days.

How can I obtain my sales reports?

Only iTunes Connect users with a Sales, Admin, or Finance role can access sales reports. To view your sales reports, visit the Sales and Trends module in iTunes Connect. For more info, refer to the Sales and Trends User Guide which can be downloaded in the Sales and Trends module of iTunes Connect.