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Can I have a negative user review for my content removed?

No, usually you can't get reviews removed. We only remove inappropriate customer reviews that contain profanity, hateful or overtly sexual language, or significant factual inaccuracies.

To request to have a review removed from the iTunes Store, open a ticket. Be sure to include a screenshot of the review, as well as information about the iTunes Store territory where that review appears.

Why isn't my movie showing up in China?

To make your movie available in China, the iTunes Connect user with the Legal role must accept the terms of the latest iTunes Movie agreement for Pan-Asia in Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

All movie content for China must have either Simplified Chinese sub-titles, Mandarin audio, or both. We also only accept movies with the original spoken language of English or Mandarin. You must also provide localized metadata, preview, and poster art in Simplified Chinese. The poster art and preview must be tagged specifically for China because we won't use Worldwide poster art.

Clearing your movies for China doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be available. All movies will be reviewed and approved before they’re made available in China.