Movies news and announcements.

We have the following updates for your movie content:

Digital Release Date
A new tag has been added to specify the release date of a movie that was never released theatrically. The <digital_only_release_date> tag can be used to denote a worldwide date or a date for a specific territory. Note you can supply either <digital_only_release_date> or <theatrical_release_date> for a given territory, but not both. It is required to provide a worldwide date. 

VOD Intervals
Intervals for VOD are now supported through Transporter. You can use intervals to set future price changes to tiers supported in your contract. For more information, see Interval Pricing. 

Poster Art Locale in iTunes Connect
The poster art locale field is now editable in iTunes Connect. You can add new locales or edit existing ones. A maximum of five locales can be added for both worldwide art and localized images. It is strongly encouraged to start including poster art locales as the field will become required in the near future.  

Closed Captions Locale
As a reminder, starting April 1, 2019, all closed captions files will be required to have a locale. If you do not supply a locale with your captions file, your delivery will fail. Make sure to update your systems by April 1, 2019.