Updates to the iTunes Extras Package Specification.

We’ve added the following features to the iTunes Extras Package Specification Version 5.2.6:

Video Backgrounds
In addition to images and audio, you can now use video as a background item on the Main Menu for the Apple TV. On iOS and Desktop, the supplied background images and audio loop will display instead of the video. To deliver a video for a background gallery, use the tag <gallery_item type=“video”>. The video must be an Apple ProRes file and the preferred size is 1080 pixels or higher. The video length must be less than 10 minutes and 30 seconds. For complete video requirements, see the Film Content Profiles section in the iTunes Video and Audio Asset Guide.

Support for EIDR
Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) values are now supported as an optional field for your Extras deliveries. Any level of EIDR is supported per Extras Vendor ID as long as it is in a valid format. For more information on Entertainment Identifier Registry values, visit eidr.org.