New ratings added for Norway.

We've added the following new ratings for Norway:

Rating Description
6 Not for under 6 years of age
9 Not for under 9 years of age
12 Not for under 12 years of age

As a reminder, starting May 23, 2016, we’ll no longer support ratings 7, 11, and "Kun registert" for Norway. You’ll need to update all titles with the rating of "Kun registert," or they’ll be removed from the iTunes Store. Movies that currently use the rating of 7 and 11 will remain on the iTunes Store, but you can't use these ratings after May 23, 2016.

To see all your titles that have the "Kun registert" rating, review your Film Pricing Catalog Report.

For more changes and ratings guidelines, see the iTunes Package Film Specification Addendum: Film Ratings.