Album Only

What does "Album Only" mean?

Album Only means a track cannot be purchased individually. The track can only be obtained when purchased as part of the album.

How do I make a song available as Album Only?

To create the best user experience, iTunes requests that all songs are available for sale individually. For content providers that cannot obtain rights for every song of their album (for example, compilations), we may make an exception.

To request that a song be designated Album Only, edit the song’s territory rights in My Music on iTunes Connect. To make songs on a soundtrack available as Album Only, use the Contact Us to submit an Album Only Request Form.

iTunes may also choose to designate songs as Album Only.

Why is this track marked 'Album Only'?

iTunes will sell tracks and albums in a manner that we believe works best and in accordance with our business practices. As a result, we may elect to mark certain tracks as Album Only. In certain cases, tracks can also be marked Album Only when the provider does not have the rights to sell the song individually. For example, in certain situations, the content provider may only have the rights to sell the track as part of an album (i.e. soundtracks or compilations). A concentration of Album Only songs on an album can result in an adverse customer experience therefore we are very strict on which tracks we allow to be Album Only. We evaluate these situations on a case-by-case basis and may choose not sell the album on the iTunes Store if track rights are not obtained.

What happens to a track that is unusually long?

Songs that are longer than 10 minutes will be marked album only, unless the album is defined as a “Partial Album”. In that case, those songs will not be available.