Artist Images

What are artist images?

Artist images are photos of your artist that appear in Apple Music and the iTunes Store, wherever the artist's music is shown.

How are artist images managed?

Artist images are managed by the Image Manager that has been assigned to that artist. Users with the Technical or Admin Role can manage all images for all of their artists.

What does “Assign Artist” mean?

Assigning an artist to an Image Manager means that a user has been given the authority to add artist images for that artist. Only the artist's official music provider can assign them to an Image Manager. For information on how to assign artists to an Image Manager, see the iTunes Store Image Guidelines in Resources and Help.

Which artists am I eligible to assign?

You can only assign artists that are currently unassigned. Additionally, you must have delivered at least one album for the artist during the previous 12 months. If no album has been delivered for the artist within the previous 12 months, you must have delivered the artists’ most recent album.

How do I assign an artist?

Users with the Technical or Admin role can assign artists to Image Managers.
To assign an artist, create an Apple ID with the Image Manager role on iTunes Connect and assign the artist to that Apple ID.

Why was my photo rejected?

To avoid the most common photo rejections, make sure that your photo does not:

  • Contain album cover art or the artist logo.
  • Contain any text, including artist names, roles, dates, instruments, or current and former bands.
  • Include any title treatment or borders.
  • Contain photo credit information.

Photos that do not meet the guidelines, or do not meet our presentation standards, will be denied. For a complete list of photo policies, see the iTunes Store Artist Images Guidelines available in Resources and Help.

Can multiple artists be assigned to one Image Manager?

Yes, you can assign multiple artists to one Image Manager. You cannot assign one artist to multiple Image Managers.

What would prevent me from assigning an artist to an Image Manager?

If you are not able to assign an artist, it could be for the following reasons:

  • You have not delivered any content to iTunes by the artist as a primary artist.
  • The artist has no content available in the iTunes Store.
  • The artist has already been assigned to another Image Manager within your label.
  • A different content provider has already claimed the artist.

What are the photo specification requirements for artist images?

Artist images must be .jpg or .png files, square, at least 2400 x 2400 pixels on the shortest side, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI.

Images must not be upscaled. Only upload images you can legally share worldwide.

Do I need a contract for artist images?

No, however, a user with the Legal role from your content provider must agree to the most recent music contract in Agreements, Tax, and Banking on iTunes Connect.