Which types of music content are available in each territory?

Check out which types of music content are available in each territory.

What is a “Partial Album”?

A partial album is an album that has one or more tracks available on the physical product but not offered for sale as part of the album in the iTunes Store. If an album is designated as a partial album, customers will only be able to purchase the individual tracks on the iTunes Store. The Buy Album option will not be available for customers, if applicable.

If you believe that your album has been marked as a partial album by mistake, you can file a ticket to request your album be marked complete. To file a ticket, go to My Music and search for the album. Once you located the album, click Edit Metadata and select the Playlist Complete checkbox.

For more information on partial albums, see the iTunes Store Music Data Standards and Style Guide available from Resources and Help.

How do I turn on pre-order for an album?

You can enable pre-order when you deliver your album for the first time.

You can also enable an album for pre-order in iTunes Connect later on:

  1. Go to My Music on iTunes Connect
  2. Search for the album title
  3. Click Inspect
  4. Click Edit Rights and Pricing
  5. Choose the Pre-Order Sales Start Date
  6. Choose a Pre-Order Wholesale Price Tier (optional)
  7. Click Save Changes

How do I change the sales start date for my album after it has been submitted to iTunes?

To edit your sales start date for a specific music album, you will need to look up the album in My Music, inspect the album details, click on Edit Territory Rights and Pricing then type in the new sales start date for each territory you wish to change.

Making a sales start date change does not open a ticket for iTunes to approve. Changing your sales start date is an elective decision and not regulated by iTunes. The changes will take effect in the iTunes Store within 24 hours.

How can I edit territory rights for my content?

You can edit Rights and Pricing on iTunes Connect. Through My Music, you can access the details of your content, including territory clearances. You can make instant changes to these territories including adding or removing rights, changing sales start dates and wholesale price tiers.

My music content is available for sale on the iTunes Store without my permission.

If you believe content for which you hold rights is available on the iTunes Store without proper authorization, contact us.

Why isn't my music showing up in China?

Clearing your music and music videos for China doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be available on Apple Music. All music and music videos will be reviewed and approved before they’re made available in China.