How do I fix a Partial Album error?

In most cases, you just need to upload the complete album. For instance, the physical version of your album has 10 songs, but you've only uploaded nine songs.

Another possibility is that you accidentally delivered the album with one or more songs or music videos marked "Not Cleared for Sale." The iTunes Store won't permit albums with tracks in this state to be offered for sale.

If you did deliver all tracks that exist on the physical album and have checked iTunes Producer to be sure they're all marked Cleared for Sale, request the album be marked complete in Tickets. You can also file a ticket from My Music on iTunes Connect.

To learn more, see the iTunes Store Music Data Standards and Style Guide available from Resources and Help.

I uploaded a track with bad audio. What can I do? What will happen to my content?

Open an audio ticket on each track where you have bad audio to replace the audio with correct, re-mastered audio. You can open an audio ticket by looking up your album within My Music. Search for the album “Inspect” the album and click Replace Audio for the tracks you wish to replace. You will then be able to attach the new audio file directly to the ticket for iTunes to replace. Make sure to use a lossless audio file for audio replacement on iTunes Connect or your ticket will be denied.

You also have the option to resend the album through iTunes Producer to replace the audio. Be sure to re-import the new audio into the album package. You must use the same UPC/EAN/JAN and must not change any other attributes on the album.

Your new audio will seamlessly be replaced in the iTunes Store.

Find out more about how to manage and resolve tickets in the iTunes Connect Ticketing User Guide in Resources and Help.

There is a negative customer review on one of my pieces of content. Can I have it removed?

iTunes believes in the rights of customers to express their opinions within the iTunes Store. We will only remove a user review for limited reasons. Examples include offensive or inappropriate reviews and incorrect reviews. A specific example of an incorrect review would be if the customer says the audio is corrupt and it is not.