Updating Submitted Content

How can I make changes after I uploaded my album or music video?

To change any of the items listed below for music albums or music videos, request a change by filing a ticket in Tickets on iTunes Connect. You can also file a ticket from My Music on iTunes Connect.

You can file a ticket to request any of the following be changed if you have already delivered your content to the iTunes Store:

  • Album-level artist name
  • Track-level artist name
  • Album title
  • Track title
  • Title version
  • Genre
  • Album copyright information (P and C line)
  • Parental advisory tags
  • Mark an album complete
  • Label name
  • Release Date (displayed in iTunes)
  • Cover art
  • Audio*
  • Localizations*

*Can only be changed for songs

To edit your territory rights, wholesale price tier, and sales start date for music albums, or to remove an album from being offered for sale:

  1. Go to My Music.
  2. Look up the content you wish to change.
  3. In the Inspect column, click the magnifying glass icon for that content.
  4. Click the Edit Rights and Pricing button.

You can update the following for music albums only by submitting the album again with iTunes Producer:

  • Audio
  • Wholesale price tier
  • Parental advisory tags
  • Sales start date
  • Cover art

The following items can't be changed or deleted after being submitted to iTunes:

  • UPC
  • EAN
  • JAN
  • ISRC

How do I make changes to my content that has already been delivered to iTunes?

To change album or track metadata, album cover art, audio, music video metadata, or music video cover art, go to My Music on iTunes Connect to file a ticket.

  1. Search for the content you would like to edit in My Music
  2. Click Inspect/Open Ticket
  3. Make the desired changes
  4. Click submit to open a ticket to request this change

You can view your Tickets on iTunes to track their status.

To make a rights and pricing change on music content, search for the content in My Music and click Edit Rights & Pricing. Rights and pricing change are immediately reflected in iTunes Connect.

  1. Search for the album you would like to edit in My Music
  2. Click the Inspect icon to the left of the album name to view content details
  3. Click Edit Rights and Pricing
  4. Make the desired changes
  5. Click Save Changes