iTunes Match

What is iTunes Match?

iTunes Match stores a customer’s music library in iCloud and allows them to enjoy their collection from anywhere, anytime, on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, computer, or Apple TV.

How does iTunes Match work?

Using proprietary technology, we identify the best match for the customer’s library against all content available on the iTunes Store at the time the customer activates or updates iTunes Match. Any of the songs already in the iTunes Store are added to the customer’s iCloud library instantly. Any remaining songs are uploaded to the customers’ iCloud by iTunes.

How many devices can be used by a single Apple ID with iTunes Match?

Up to 10 devices can be used by a single Apple ID with iTunes Match, at a given time.

What downloads from iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match are eligible for payments?

When we calculate payments, we count each time a customer accesses your content from iCloud. This includes downloads of previous iTunes purchases through iTunes in the Cloud (which is a free service) and any matched songs through iTunes Match (which is a paid service). Note that Automatic Downloads to multiple devices at the time of purchase from the iTunes Store are not included.

How is the payment calculated?

Payment is calculated on the basis stated in your contract.

The amount we will pay is the greater of a percentage of the proceeds collected from consumers or the contractual minimum per subscriber per month. The rate per access is determined by taking the total amount we will pay for that period divided by the total number of accesses for that period. As a result, the amount you will receive per access will likely change each month. This approach effectively prorates the proceeds based on how much of your eligible content is accessed in relation to other rightsholders' content. For further details, refer to your contract.

How does iTunes Match get reported?

iTunes Match reporting is available for download from the Earnings tab of Payments and Financial Reports on iTunes Connect.

The file name of report has a preceding “c_” for cloud, and the fields in the report are identical to the fields in the standard financial report. The only product types you will see in the report are:

  • H3 (DRM-Free Track)
  • S3 (DRM Track)
  • J3 (DRM-Free Music Video)
  • V3 (DRM Music Video)

For further details about iTunes Match reports, refer to the Payments and Financial Reports guide in iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reports.

If I license my track to another provider for their soundtrack or compilation, will they receive match royalties for my track?

If there are identifiable differences between your track and the track you licensed to another provider, we will recognize the best match for the customer’s content.

If the tracks are determined to be identical and the only differentiating factor is album-only or a-la-carte, the a-la-carte version would be selected.

Why are we receiving payment for different or unexpected versions of content?

We determined it was the best match to provide the customer.

In which country or region is iTunes Match available?

To find out which country or region iTunes Match is available, visit for iTunes Match availability by country or region.