Getting Started

Learn the basics about iTunes and music delivery.

Working with Apple Music

Learn more about our affiliate program and easy-to-use tools including Apple Music Toolbox, MusicKit, RSS Feeds, Identity Guidelines, and more.

Preparing Your Music

Detailed instructions for creating and preparing your music.

iTunes Store Music Style Guide

How to prepare your classical and non-classical music content. Includes data standards, conventions, and style requirements.

Lyrics Guidelines

Best practices and style guidelines for lyrics sent to Apple.

iTunes Package Music Specification

How to use XML specifications for music content.

iTunes Package Artist Specification

How to create and edit artists on Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

iTunes Package Music Specification Addendum: Music, Music Video, and Ringtone Genre Codes

All genre codes that are available for music on the iTunes Store. 

iTunes Video and Audio Asset Guide

How to create and deliver music, TV, and film assets.

Apple Digital Masters Provider List

A list of providers that can help you create the highest-quality masters for Apple Music and iTunes.

iTunes Store Artist Images Guidelines

How to manage your artist images and galleries for the iTunes Store.

Featuring Art Design Specification

Featuring Artwork is used to showcase an artist, album, or other content in Apple Music.

Delivering Your Music

Detailed instructions for delivering your music.

Using iTunes Producer 3.1.1 for Music

How to deliver your music to iTunes using iTunes Producer.

Transporter User Guide

How to deliver large music catalogs to iTunes using Transporter.

iTunes Store Package Specification Schema Validation Guide

How to validate metadata XML files using iTunes Relax NG schemas.

Using iTunes Connect

Tips and guides to get the most out of iTunes Connect and how to manage your music.

iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide

How to use Sales and Trends to see how your music is doing.

Reporter User Guide

How to use Reporter to download your reports.

iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reports Guide

How to read the reports and get the most out of them.

iTunes Connect Music Rights and Pricing User Guide

How to provide rights and pricing details for your music.

iTunes Connect Music Ticketing User Guide

How to make changes to your music that's already available on the iTunes Store.