Apple Music demographics reporting.

Two new Apple Music reports are now available, providing detailed, anonymized information about your listeners:

  • Content Demographics. This report allows you to analyze your plays by gender and age group. Each line includes the number of royalty-bearing streams and unique listeners sorted by membership, demographic, and country.
  • Artist Demographics. This includes the same fields as the Content Demographics report, but is grouped by artist rather than specific piece of content.

New fields specific to demographics are described below.

Field Description
Gender Indicates the gender of the listener. Possible values include:
0 = Data Unknown
1 = Male
2 = Female
Age Band Indicates the age bucket the listener belongs to. Possible values include:
Data Unknown

Example Syntax for Reporter

$ java -jar Reporter.jar m=Robot.XML Sales.getReport 80012345, amContentDemographics, Summary, Daily, 20171105
$ java -jar Reporter.jar m=Robot.XML Sales.getReport 80012345, amArtistDemographics, Summary, Daily, 20171105