Daily Apple Music Streams Reports are Now Available

We are introducing new tools to provide you additional data and insights about the performance of your catalog on Apple Music. The Top Streams dashboard has been added to Sales and Trends, and you'll also be able to download reports for Daily Apple Music Streams.

These will help you:

  • Measure the performance of your catalog on Apple Music and identify your top performing content globally or within specific markets.
  • Analyze listener discovery, engagement, and interaction with your content, and identify the top performing editorial and curator playlists driving plays of your songs and artists.
  • Identify key markets for touring and marketing based on number of listeners, time spent listening, time of day, and more.

Reports can be downloaded from Sales and Trends on iTunes Connect, or you can automate downloading by using our Reporter tool.

Find more information about each of the fields in the new Daily Apple Music Streams Report in the updated Sales and Trends Guide.