Updated Fields in the Daily Apple Music Streams Report

Starting March 24, 2017, the following column names in the Daily Apple Music Streams report will change:

Current Column Name New Column Name
Playlist Name Container Name
Playlist Type Container Sub-Type
Playlist ID Container ID

Reports for periods prior to March 24, 2017 will continue to display Playlist Name, Playlist Type, and Playlist ID as column names. Ensure your systems are equipped to handle these changes before March 25, 2017.

Container Name

The name of the playlist or radio station container where the play originated. This reflects what a member sees in Apple Music.

Container Sub-Type

The type of playlist or radio station from which the play occurred, providing further detail beyond the existing Container Type field.

Value Definition
0 Not applicable
1 Private User Playlist
2 Editorial Playlist
3 Artist Playlist
4 Curator Playlist
5 Seeded by Artist/Song
6 Format Station
7 Editorial Station
8 Personal Mix Playlist

Container ID

The unique identifier assigned to the playlist and radio station container by Apple. We do not include a Container ID for user playlists.