Transporter 1.9.7 is now available.

This version of Transporter includes:

  • Lookup artist mode. Use the updated lookup artist mode to retrieve artist metadata and Apple identifiers. The new metadata fields are:

    • Artist ID creation date.
    • Recently delivered playlist titles.
    • Recently delivered playlist Apple IDs.
    • The original creator of the Artist ID.
  • Create artist mode. Generate a new Artist ID using create artist mode. When running in this mode, before creating a new artist, Transporter automatically performs an artist lookup to determine if there are any existing artists with the name specified. Should a new artist need to be created , a force-creation token is included in the lookup which you can use to force-create an Artist ID. Force-created Artist IDs are also returned immediately in your request.

For more information on what’s changed, see what’s new in Transporter 1.9.7.